#Y4AGRI is the banner youth engagement initiative of SEARCA. Guided by the principle of "by the youth, for the youth, and with the once youth," the program aims to nurture young people as partners and leaders for agricultural innovation.

Youth Initiative:Pistang PagKaPinoy

Pista ng Pagkain at Kabataang Pinoy or "Pistang PagKaPinoy" is a virtual festival by youth, for YOUth, and with the once youth to bring the spirit of fiesta and serve platters of knowledge to Filipino homes even in the middle of a pandemic when people's mobility is restricted. In relation to the World Food Day, Pistang PagKaPinoy will tackle innovations, concepts, and stories relating to food and its intersections with business, nutrition, arts, gender, culture, and tourism. Both young ones and once young who are experts and advocates in these fields will facilitate engaging talks, games, and learning sessions to raise awareness and appreciation of food.

Youth Initiative:Youth COVIDeo

Amidst the pandemic, SEARCA aims to continue to be relevant in ensuring food and nutrition security in countries and communities in Southeast Asia. With youth engagement in agriculture as among its priority areas for the 11th Five-Year Plan, SEARCA is committed to provide platforms for young people on their issues and solutions in agricultural and rural development (ARD), particularly in this time of unprecedented global health crisis. SEARCA's Young Forces for Agricultural Innovation (#Y4AGRI) is an initiative to engage and empower the youth in ARD. Among the objectives of #Y4AGRI is to elevate the interest of young people in venturing into and pursuing careers in agriculture and allied fields. In line with this objective and in time for the celebration of the International Youth Day on 12 August, #Y4AGRI is launching the Youth COVIDeo Contest to put the spotlight to the Southeast Asian youth in showcasing their local food production practices combined with their creativity to tell their stories in a video format.

Winners and finalists of the 2020 Youth COVIDeo Contest

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    1. In 1-3 minutes, tell your story through a video on why and how you grow your food at home, in school, or in the community amidst the pandemic.
    2. You may tell us practical tips on growing vegetables, composting, harvesting or any process in locally growing your food.
    3. Tell us about your learnings and the benefits of locally grown foods to your health, family, and community.
    4. The video must highlight the youth, 15-35 years old, actively engaged in growing food with family, friends or community. An individual or group may be featured in the video.
    5. Technical specifications of the video:
      • Frame size: At least 720p
      • Format: MP4, MOV, or WMV
    6. The video must use the English language or local language with English subtitle.
    7. Be creative! Unleash your youthful energy and make your video both entertaining and educational. You have the freedom to create any video content within 3 minutes.
    8. Terms and conditions apply. An entry must be original and has not been submitted to any video contests. Any music or graphics that will be used in the video must be royalty free. Entries must also ensure that individuals, especially children, have informed consent to participate in the video.
    9. Send your entries via cloud storage (e.g., Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive) to by 11:59 p.m. (GMT +08:00) on 11 September 2020. Also attach a copy of your ID showing your birthdate. In your email, please indicate the following:
      • Full name
      • Your country of origin
      • Gender
      • Age
      • Contact number with country code (e.g., +63)
      • Location of the video (village/town/city/province/country)
      • Brief description of the video
    10. At least 10 entries will be shortlisted and uploaded to the SEARCA Facebook Page for the Popularity Award (most-liked).
    11. By submitting an entry, participants grant SEARCA full permission to reproduce, distribute, display, and create derivative works of the entry in any media at any time.


    Content 40%
    Creativity 40%
    Video quality 20%
    TOTAL 100%

Youth Initiative:Virtual Youth Camp

The Virtual Youth Camp (VYC) camp is designed to enable youth perspectives on challenges and solutions in the agri-food system amidst and post-pandemic. On the first VYC, there were 21 Filipino youth representatives from the academe, business, civil society, and government sectors who shared insights on navigating the agri-food system and engaging the youth on it.

A visual summary of the VYC insights from young leaders and advocates in the agri-food system.

A campfire session featured two UN Food Systems Champions to talk about their narratives in agriculture and the role of young people in transforming the food systems.

Check out some highlights of the "Bahay Kubo" session where the youth campers engaged in a dialogue on the agri-food system challenges and solutions from their respective sectors.

    Stakeholders and Pillars

    #Y4AGRI aims to work for and work with out-of-school and in-school youth from school children and high school students to university students and young professionals (kiddies to yuppies).

    The program's strategies and activities revolve around four pillars:

    SEARCA as promoter

    Pillar 1

    Develop platforms promoting a transformative mindset in agriculture, particularly among children and youth in farming families and communities.

    SEARCA as capacity-builder

    Pillar 2

    Improve youth access to information, technologies, and skills enhancement opportunities in modern agriculture.

    SEARCA as champion

    Pillar 3

    Enhance youth participation in program and policy discussions on issues and opportunities for accelerating agricultural transformation.

    SEARCA as enabler

    Pillar 4

    Recognize and support emerging youth leaders and groups advocating for youth led innovations in Southeast Asian agriculture.

    The SEARCA Youth Ambassadors Platform (SAYAP) is an internal youth empowerment platform for young SEARCA staff to:

    • Provide opportunities for professional skills development.

    • Enhance youth leadership and participation to the design and implementation of SEARCA programs and activities of the 11th FYP.

    SAYAP is a walk-the-talk initiative of SEARCA by engaging the "young ones" of SEARCA's workforce both from the program and administrative sectors of the Center. SAYAP members are provided with opportunities to enhance their skills, learn from the "once young" and take the lead in some activities that are by-the-youth, for-the-youth, and with-the-once-youth.

    SAYAP organizes SEARCArunungan para sa SEARCAbataan an internal dialogue by and for the SEARCA Young Ones with the SEARCA Young Once. The dialogue is a conversational space to enable knowledge exchanges on topics that are essential for the youth's professional and personal development, as well as to gather youth perspectives on SEARCA's programs and activities.

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