SEARCA Regional Professorial Chair Grants


SEARCA has been in the forefront of efforts to develop agriculture and development practitioners/experts within and outside Southeast Asia. A strong cadre of agriculture professionals will help the Center in its mandate to bring about agricultural and rural development in this region of the world.

In this connection, SEARCA believes there is a need to recognize the contribution of institutions and individuals who promote academic excellence in the fields of agriculture and related sciences. Since AY 2011-2012, the Center has awarded SEARCA Regional Professorial Chairs to deserving individuals.

Objectives and Priority Focus

The objective of the SEARCA Regional Professorial Chair is to give due recognition to outstanding Southeast Asian experts in the academe who have championed Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development (ISARD) in Southeast Asia. The study areas include, but are not limited to, social sciences, marine and fishery sciences, environmental sciences, economics, and rural development-oriented fields.

The focus/themes of the Professorial Chair will change according to the focus of the succeeding Five-Year Plans of the Center.

Since 2012/13 SEARCA has awarded a total of 38 regional professorial chair grants as follows:

Academic Year 2019/2020

Nathaniel R. Alibuyog Mariano Marcos State University Harnessing GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies Towards Improved Water Governance and Agricultural Productivity May 2019
Clarissa Yvonne J. Domingo Central Luzon State University Novel Diagnostics for Transboundary Diseases and other Diseases of Farm Concern May 2019
Norhashila Hashim Universiti Putra Malaysia Laser-based Imaging for Fruit Quality Detection May 2019
Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz University of Sto. Tomas Biochar-Fungi-Bacteria (BFB) Soil Amendment for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture May 2019
Teti Estiasih Universitas Brawijaya Developing Local Underutilized Tuber Based Foods as Healthy and Functional Foods to Support Food Security May 2019

Academic Year 2018/2019

Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Samad University Putra Malaysia Climate Change and Its Impact on Agricultural Productivity in Malaysia 30 Apr 2018/
12 Dec 2018
Hoang Van Sam Vietnam National University of Forestry Plant Diversity and Conservation in Vietnam 30 Apr 2018/
23 Apr 2019
Ireneo C. Agulto Central Luzon State University Re-engineering the Environment for Whole Year Round Production of High-Value Crops in the Lowland Tropics 30 Apr 2018/
6 Sep 2018
Rotacio S. Gravoso Visayas State University Towards Building Resiliency: Insights on the Use of Climate Information by Farmers in Vulnerable Communities 30 Apr 2018/
1 April 2019
Zenaida C. Gonzaga Visayas State University Climate Proofing and Integrated Crop Management to Enhance Vegetable Profitability and Food Security in the Southern Philippines 30 Apr 2018/
8 Mar 2019

Academic Year 2017/2018

Academic Year 2016/2017

Ahmad Zaharin Aris Universiti Putra Malaysia Impact of Climate and Land-Use Changes on Water Quality 15 Apr 2016/
21 Feb 2017
Maria Patricia V. Azanza UP Diliman Functions on Government, Academe and Industry in Philippine Food Innovation Centers for Regional Development 15 Apr 2016 /
26 Jan 2017
Ruel M. Mojica Cavite State University Socio-economic and Environmental Assessment of a Microcontroller-based Coffee Roasting machine: Implications for Market Potential and Technology Commercialization 15 Apr 2016/
8 Mar 2017
Erniel B. Barrios UP Diliman Effect of Rural Infrastructure and Capacity-Building on Agricultural Production and Agricultural Prices 15 Apr 2016/
16 Mar 2017
Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto Central Luzon State University Phytoremediation: A Green Technology to Remove Pollutants for Soil, Sediment and Water Conservation 15 Apr 2016 /
7 Oct 2016

Academic Year 2015/2016

Augusto Serrano University of the Philippines Visayas The Use of Algae in the Feed Formulation for Aquaculture Species 23 Apr 2015 /
30 Mar 2016
Dennis S. Mapa UP Diliman Rice, Job Misery, Hunger Incidence: An Econometric Analysis 23 Apr 2015 /
23 Nov 2015
Victor B. Ella University of the Philippines Los Baños Conservation Agriculture: A Biological Engineering Approach to Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development in Southeast Asia 23 Apr 2015 /
10 May 2016
Teodoro C. Mendoza University of the Philippines Los Baños Reducing the High Energy Bill and Carbon Footprint for an Energy and Climate-Change Compliant Sugarcane Production 23 Apr 2015 /
15 Jun 2016
Jezie A. Acorda University of the Philippines Los Baños Role of Acupuncture in Increasing Productive Efficiency of Water Buffaloes 23 Apr 2015 /
22 Feb 2016
Mohd Sapuan Bin Salit Universiti Putra Malaysia Sugar palm fibre reinforced biodegradable sugar palm starch composited: Development and Characterization 23 Apr 2015 /
11 Feb 2016

Academic Year 2014/2015

Mohd Razi Ismail Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Plant adaptation to Environmental stresses: A key challenge to rice food security 28 Apr 2014 /
22 Apr 2015
Victor B. Asio Visayas State University Bio-physical characteristics and Sustainable management of Marginal Uplands in the Philippines 28 Apr 2014 /
27 Mar 2015
Dina Pura T. Depositario University of the Philippines Los Baños Climate Change Adaptation Strategies of Agribusiness Enterprises in the Philippines 28 Apr 2014 /
21 Apr 2015
Orville L. Bondoc University of the Philippines Los Baños Organic Livestock Farming and Breeding towards Food Security of Smallholder Farmers in the Tropics 28 Apr 2014 /
11 Aug 2015
Virginia C. Cuevas University of the Philippines Los Baños Ecological Succession in Areas covered by Mine Tailings in Mankayan, Benguet 28 Apr 2014 /
1 Oct 2014

Academic Year 2013/2014

Felino P. Lansigan UPLB/ Institute of Statistics Addressing the Statistical Challenges of Weather Index-based Insurance for Managing Risks in Agricultural Production 13 Mar 2013 /
28 Jan 2014
Annabella B. Tulin Visayas State University Micronutrient Biofortification of Soils from Marginal Uplands for Increased Yield and Improved Nutritional quality of Vegetables and Rootcrops 13 Mar 2013 /
26 Feb 2014
Nakorn Tippayawong Chiang Mai University Bioenergy utilization technology for local agricultural industry and rural development 13 Mar 2013 /
18 Feb 2014

Academic Year 2012/2013

Alonzo A. Gabriel UP Diliman/ College of Home Economics Precision Food Processing: Addressing Consumer Demands for Safety and Quality for Market Competitiveness 6 Mar 2012 /
20 Oct 2012
Waren N. Baticados UPLB/ College of Veterinary Medicine Agricultural Competitiveness through Clinical Genomics of Priority Disease 6 Mar 2012 /
28 Feb 2013


  1. The grant is open to any outstanding Southeast Asian academic, particularly those working in the fields of study relevant to the priority thrusts of SEARCA within its current Five-Year Plan.
  2. Each year, the call for candidates to the SEARCA Regional Professorial Chair will be sent to universities in the Southeast Asian Region. The nominating university will submit to SEARCA the following documents on or before the deadline:
    1. Letter from the Chief Executive/Head of the Institution endorsing at most three initially screened applicants with a summary of information on the credentials of the nominee(s) based on Attachment 1
    2. Curriculum vitae of the recommended/endorsed faculty members and asummary of the information as requested.
    3. A summary/outline of proposed lecture of the faculty member-applicant of not more than three pages highlighting the expected results of the research study and describing its relevance in terms of regional development issues and as they relate to SEARCA’s thrusts.
  3. The awardee must meet the following requirements:
    1. Must be a Southeast Asian national, with tenure position and holding an academic rank of not lower than Assistant Professor.
    2. Must have a PhD in fields related to the advancement of agricultural science and technology and development of rural households/communities (see Table 1 for Fields of Studies).
    3. Must have proven track record and excellence in academic and/or research in his/her chosen field of specialization within the broad priority thrusts of SEARCA as indicated in the Center’s Five Year Plan.
    4. Must have not received SEARCA Professorial Chair award in the past five (5) years.
    5. Must have the official endorsement of the Chief Executive/Head of his/her institution not only on the applicant’s academic qualification but also on his/hergood moral character.
  4. The following are the responsibilities of the awardee:
    1. Teach at least one graduate course in his/her area of specialization at the university during the year of award.
    2. Deliver at least one public lecture on the subject of his/her research (which should be aligned with SEARCA thrusts) during the period of award at his/her university.
    3. Submit a hard and a soft copy of his/her public lecture to SEARCA upon culmination of his/her professorial chair award.
    4. Submit a monograph version of his/her paper for publication by SEARCA
  5. The awardee will receive a grant of USD 5,000.00.


The SEARCA Regional Professorial Chair will be guided by the following schedule:

1 December of every year Open the call for applications
March of the following year Deadline of submission of nominees and screening of documents submitted
April Evaluation of nominees
May Awarding of Professorial Chair Grant