Amplifying Voices of Youth Agripreneurs

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, SEARCA through its banner youth engagement initiative, Young Forces for Agricultural Innovation (#Y4AGRI), launched the Youth COVIDeo Contest to showcase young people's contribution to local food production, may it be in their homes, schools, or the community. The first two runs of the video contest reflected youth actions in growing food to sustain their families' basic food needs and alleviate economic challenges caused by the pandemic, and youth stories and advocacies focused on sustainable food consumption and food waste management. In its third year, the video contest rebrands to Youth Stories: SEARCA Youth Video Contest to welcome a new variety of agriculture-related themes wherein the Southeast Asian youth contribute significantly. Youth Stories aims to realize the challenges and adversities that the youth in agriculture experienced or are experiencing and gather their solutions and actions. This video contest can serve as an avenue for the youth in agriculture to speak their minds, tell their stories, and be heard.

This year's theme, Amplifying Voices of Youth Agripreneurs, aims to highlight the potential of youth in debunking the connotation that agriculture is confined to planting crops under the sun's blazing heat, by positioning it as an enjoyable activity, an advocacy, and/or a viable career option. The video entries will feature success stories of youth who delved in agricultural or social entrepreneurship, not only focusing on agricultural production but on other ventures along the value chain. Agriculture holds an attractive business proposition for young people by not only allowing them to earn a decent living and provide for their families and communities but also ensuring food security and vibrant rural economies for future generations (IFAD 2017).


  • Open to youth agripreneurs aged 15–35 years old from any Southeast Asian country.

  • The agribusiness ventures can focus on any of the following:

    • research and development
    • crop, poultry, and livestock farming and aquaculture 
    • crop health and protection
    • digital or technology solutions/services including mechanization, automation, and robotics
    • hydroponics or urban farming
    • transport, distribution, storage, or logistics
    • food processing
    • waste management or recycling (including handicrafts)
    • renewable energy or environmental solutions/services
    • agritourism

Video Content

This year's theme is Amplifying Voices of Youth Agripreneurs.

The video entries will feature success stories of youth involved in profitable agribusinesses not only focusing on the production aspect of agriculture but also on other ventures along the value chain. 

The entries should tell the story behind the business idea, the journey of starting the business, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned. Moreover, the video should entail the impacts of agribusiness on its stakeholders (i.e., yourself, farmers, community).

These entries may also include clips of the agribusiness process—from sourcing, harvesting, and processing of agricultural produce, promoting/marketing agricultural products, utilizing ICT in managing the agribusiness, and engaging with other agripreneurs / farmers / customers.

It can also showcase learning and mentoring of youth agripreneurs and/or interaction of youth with older agripreneurs/farmers and other youth.

Contestants are encouraged to make their videos informative yet creative and engaging.

Video Types and Format

  • Contestants are free to create different video types, such as vlog, music video, demo/tutorial, film, documentary, or animation.

  • Duration must be between 1–3 minutes only.

  • The video frame size must be at least 720p while the video format must be MP4, MOV, or WMV.

  • The video must use the English language or their local language with English subtitles.

  • Terms and conditions apply. An entry must be original and has not been submitted to any video contests. Any music or graphics that will be used in the video must be royalty-free. Entries must also ensure that individuals, especially children through their guardians, have informed consent to participate in the video.

Submission of Entries

Deadline of submission of entries is on 30 December 2022 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT +8:00).

To submit an entry, contestants must fill out the online submission form, upload their entry via cloud storage (e.g., Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive) and paste the shareable/downloadable link in the form.

By submitting an entry, participants grant SEARCA full permission to reproduce, distribute, display, and create derivative works of the entry in any media at any time or use it for research and publication purposes.

Screening and Announcement

  • Criteria for judging:

    Content 40%
    Creativity 40%
    Video quality 20%
    TOTAL 100%
  • At least 8 entries will be shortlisted and uploaded to the SEARCA #Y4AGRI Facebook Page for the Popularity Award (most reactions). 


  • Deadline of entries
    30 December 2022

  • Facebook voting/judging
    13–30 January 2023

  • Announcement of winners/ Awarding
    6 February 2023


1st Prize

USD 1,000

2nd Prize

USD 700

3rd Prize

USD 400

Popularity Award

USD 200
(Most Facebook Reactions)


USD 100 each