2nd SEAMEO Knowledge Management Learning and Sharing Forum

  • 22-23 August 2023
  • SEARCA, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

2nd SEAMEO Knowledge Management Learning and Sharing Forum2nd SEAMEO Knowledge Management Learning and Sharing Forum


The First SEAMEO Training Workshop on Knowledge Management (KM) as a part of the initiatives under the SEAMEO Strategic Plan 2011-2020 was organized by SEAMEO SEARCA in collaboration with the SEAMEO Secretariat on 24-26 January 2012 in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines. The workshop aimed to enable SEAMEO Centers to arrive at a common understanding of KM, draw up an appropriate KM framework and strategy, and plan the next steps towards making such strategy operational.

Since then, many SEAMEO Regional Centers have actively established a new unit of Knowledge Management or related functions which are mainly responsible for information management systems (IMS), partnership/business development, communication, and learning events, among others.

In supporting the new SEAMEO Strategic Plan 2021-2030 and the challenges of the post COVID-19 pandemic, the Knowledge Management Unit or related functions of the SEAMEO Centers such as public relations, partnership, information technology, and information management systems at the SEAMEO Centers have played an important role in transforming the conventional communication strategies and information management practices to be more digitalized. E-marketing/ promotional tools and social media become more significant with various strategies to effectively reach out the different targeted participants, stakeholders and partners in Southeast Asian countries and beyond.

On 7 July 2022, the First SEAMEO Knowledge Management (KM) Learning and Sharing Forum was organized virtually with the participation of 100 KM staff and related officers/specialists from SEAMEO Centers. The first forum was conducted successfully as a starting point for creating a common understanding of KM among SEAMEO Units, exchanging the KM best practices, identifying the SEAMEO KM-related initiatives that the SEAMEO Units could develop and implement together for improving the capacity and visibility of SEAMEO Units, and strengthening the work relationship and cooperation as a SEAMEO family.

To continue the cooperation on Knowledge Management among SEAMEO Units, the Second SEAMEO KM Learning and Sharing Forum will be hosted by SEAMEO SEARCA, Philippines on 22-23 August 2023.


The 2nd SEAMEO KM Forum aims to:

  • Concretize and prioritize the recommendations arising from the 1st SEAMEO KM Learning and Sharing Forum virtually hosted by the SEAMEO Secretariat in July 2022;
  • Develop clear action plans of the SEAMEO-wide KM Strategies and activities in three main areas: a) information system, b) communication, and c) partnership development. The initiatives will be co-implemented by SEAMEO Centers and coordinated by the SEAMEO Secretariat;
  • Prepare the online capacity building program for SEAMEO Centers' staff; and
  • Establish the volunteered Task Forces from SEAMEO Centers for the implementation of the SEAMEO-Wide KM Strategies.


The forum is by invitation only. Forum participants will include:

  • SEAMEO Centre Directors, Deputy Directors
  • KM Managers and related Managers such as PR/Information and Partnership Development Managers, IT/Information System Managers, Documentation/Publication Managers
  • Related officers/staff of KM, Communication, PR, Partnership Development, Publication, Documentation
  • Related officers who have functions as Knowledge Generators such as Research and Development, Training Unit, Scholarships

Expected Outputs

  • SEAMEO-KM Framework and Coordination Mechanism Guidelines
  • SEAMEO-Wide KM Action Plans in three main areas:
    • SEAMEO-Wide Information Management Systems
    • SEAMEO-Wide Communication and Promotion
    • SEAMEO-Wide Partnership and Business Development
  • Capacity Building Plan on KM for SEAMEO Centres' staff
  • SEAMEO KM Taskforce

Note: Certificate as a member of the SEAMEO KM Taskforce will be provided to all members from SEAMEO Centres.


Time (Bangkok)Agenda
21 August 2023 Arrival of participants
22 August 2023

Opening Session

  • Welcome Message by SEAMEO SEARCA
  • Opening Message by SEAMEO Secretariat
  • Group Photo
09.30-09.45 Introduction of Participants
09.45-10.00 Morning Break

Session 1: Finetuning KM within the SEAMEO Context

Resource Person:

  • Dr Maria Celeste H. Cadiz, former KM Department Head, SEAMEO SEARCA

Session 2: Learnings from SEARCA and other SEAMEO Centers

  • Speakers are to be identified
12.00-13.30 Lunch

Session 3: Visit KM Functions at SEAMEO SEARCA

  • Emerging Innovation for Growth Department
  • Management Information Systems Unit
  • Applied Knowledge Resources Unit
  • Partnership Unit
14.30-15.00 Afternoon Break

Session 4: Group Discussion: Concretizing and Developing SEAMEO Wide- KM Strategies, Action Plans, and Staff Capacity Building Plans

  • Reviewing and discussing the results from the 1st Forum (Plenary)
  • Mechanism Briefing
  • Group Discussions
    • Group 1: SEAMEO KM Framework
    • Group 2: SEAMEO-Wide Information Management System
    • Group 3: SEAMEO-Wide Communication and Promotion
    • Group 4: SEAMEO-Wide Partnership and Business Development
18.00 Dinner, hosted by SEAMEO Secretariat
23 August 2023
09.00-09.15 Recap of Day 1
09.15-10.00 Continue from Session 4

Session 5: Presentation: SEAMEO-Wide KM Strategies, Action Plans and Staff Capacity Building Plans

  • Group 1: SEAMEO KM Framework
  • Group 2: SEAMEO-Wide Information Management System
  • Group 3: SEAMEO-Wide Communication and Promotion
  • Group 4: SEAMEO-Wide Partnership and Business Development
11.00-11.15 Morning Break
11.15-11.30 Session 6: MOU Signing of SEAMEO Centres' Collaboration and Commitment on SEAMEO-Wide KM Action Plans and Taskforce
11.30-12.00 Closing and Ways Forward
12.00-13.30 Lunch
13.30 onwards Cultural visit
24 August 2023 Departure of participants


Registration is now open for the Second SEAMEO KM Learning and Sharing Forum. The event, to be held at SEARCA headquarters in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines on 22-23 August 2023, is exclusive for SEAMEO Centers only.

Register here: https://link.seameo.org/2ndKMForum/Reg

Focal Persons

Dr. Nova Ramos
Head, Education and Collective Learning Department-Training for Development Unit
WhatsApp: +639172707726

SEAMEO Secretariat
Ms. Pitchayawadi Arreenich
KM Officer
WhatsApp: +66982364535