Workshop on Vulnerability, Impact, and Adaptation Assessment for Climate Change: Approaches, Methods, and Tools


A three-day workshop that aimed to familiarize focal climate change adaptation (CCA) points in the region with vulnerability, impact, and adaptation assessment (VIA) tools applied in planning CCA initiatives that address the projected impacts of climate change in the agricultural and natural resource management (NRM) sectors of their respective areas. These CCA focal points are involved in the formulation of national communication plans, national adaptation plans, or developing adaptation projects. The forum-workshop presented and demonstrated methodological approaches for assessing capacities and gaps to carry out vulnerability, impacts and adaptation assessment. In the process, it provided a platform for sharing of appropriate and replicable practices and tools for proper VIA towards shared understanding and consolidation of knowledge and experiences.



Two (2) participants per country nominated by SEAN-CC focal point with preferably one from the Climate Change office and one from sub-national level government; regional network partners


Date and Venue:

10-12 July 2013
Hanoi, Vietnam



  •  Southeast Asia Network of Climate Change (SEAN-CC) / United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN)