Training-Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation in Watersheds for Water, Food, and Environmental Security in Southeast Asia


Management of watersheds and protection of water resources play a very important role for the attainment of food and water security.   Unfortunately, degradation of watersheds in Southeast Asia has been observed over the years, driven by multiple factors including upland agriculture, land conversions, destructive mining, illegal logging, and unfavourable policies and governance. Southeast Asian leaders and champions from all sectors are thus called on to understand the intricate interrelationships among climate change and various extractive practices and measures affecting watersheds, in order to abate grim scenarios of scarce water, food and harsh environments in the future. Science plays an important role in informed decision-making and planning climate change adaptations in watersheds now, for a sustainable Southeast Asian future.

The workshop is hoped to equip participants to:

  1. Understand the issues and challenges in watershed management in a changing climate in relation to water, food and environmental security;
  2. Analyze gaps toward sustainable watersheds in a changing climate for water, food, and environmental security; and
  3. Draw up an agenda for action towards sustainable watersheds for water, food and environmental security in a changing climate within their work contexts, be it in research, teaching, action programs and practices, and policies.


Intended Participants:

The workshop is intended for Southeast Asian researchers, policy advisers, program planners and decision-makers in government, civil society, and people’s and private organizations who are concerned with policy, program development, and initiatives toward food and environmental security.


Date and Venue:

15-18 October 2013
SEARCA, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines



  • Asia Pacific Adaptation Network
  • Institute for Global Environment Strategies (IGES)
  • United Nations Environment Program


Contact Person:

Ms. Rosario B. Bantayan, Program Specialist
Tel.: +63-49 536 2365 to 67, local 403/41