Learning event on climate finance

Date: December 2020 | Venue: SEARCA, Philippines
(By invitation only)

One of the two components of the FAO-funded project on "Developing an Operational Example of a Jurisdictional-Level Platform for Palawan, Philippines," this regional event will be participated in by relevant government and private sector organizations working on innovative landscape climate finance in support to climate change mitigation and natural resource management. The regional event will also highlight innovative designs of climate finance systems across Southeast Asia to support the growing need for innovative nature-based solutions that both government regulatory agencies and partners from the private sectors can pursue. Comparative learnings and best-practices related to climate finance implementation will be presented to afford an overall idea of how this can be sustainably scaled-out across the region.

Innovative climate finance options with examples of experiences and with prospect of rolling out in regional countries will be presented during the regional consultation workshop.