IFS-SEARCA Mentoring Workshop on Collaborative Research in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Quick Facts:


This two-day workshop is a second joint, on-site activity within the framework of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for an IFS-SEARCA Collaborative Research Grants Pilot, and follows the August-September 2016 Workshop on Collaborative Research, on the theme of Integrating Disciplines, Crossing Boundaries. The grant administration and research phase of the pilot began in early 2017 with 12 teams (consisting of 21 women and 20 men) being awarded an IFS grant to conduct collaborative research into climate change adaptation and mitigation, financed by the Carolina MacGillavry endowment and SEARCA. Most of the 12 projects will conclude in 2020 (with some in 2019), and at the time of this mentoring workshop, the teams will be in a position to report on their progress.


The general aim of the workshop is the provision of mentoring support by established regional and international scientists to the 12 collaborative research teams to strengthen their processes, ensure that their projects are of high quality, and produce useful results. Specifically, the workshop aims to:

  • Assess progress-to-date of the collaborative research projects;
  • Understand lessons learned from the IFS Pilots 1 and 2 final survey and the IFS-SEARCA Pilot 3 mid-term review and report;
  • Pilot and develop a mentoring process for collaborative research with outcomes of a policy brief (including lessons learned) and guidelines for mentorship; and
  • Inform the development of a concept note for the funding, support, and implementation of future IFS-SEARCA collaborative research initiatives.


  • Members of the 12 collaborative research teams
  • Mentors
  • Resource persons from SEARCA and IFS

The volunteer mentors will be from among a selection of possible colleagues identified by SEARCA and IFS. Terms of reference for the mentors include, before the workshop:

  1. Read the original research project descriptions, the mid-term report, and any updates from the teams
  2. Review the outcomes of the mentoring needs assessment (see below), as discussions take place among them, IFS and SEARCA colleagues about which teams they may most usefully support
  3. Communicate with the workshop facilitator about their availability before, during and after the workshop, and
  4. During the workshop, participate in the sessions as agreed with the organizers and teams.

Pre-Workshop Activities

Each of the 12 teams will be requested to submit a research project progress update (500-word maximum) by 19 October 2018. These will be compiled and provided to all teams, mentors and resource persons in advance of the workshop.

Also by 19 October, each team will also be asked to submit responses to a simple needs assessment, so that mentors and resource persons can be allocated to the teams on a rotating basis during the working sessions. This will also help to define the roles of the mentors and resource persons. Potential areas for mentoring support include:

  1. Subject matter
  2. Research design
  3. Research methods and techniques
  4. Data collection and analysis
  5. Research findings and conclusions
  6. Research project administration
  1. Research writing and language
  2. Team and/or administration relations
  3. Conversations with either IFS or SEARCA colleagues or both
  4. Any "potentially sensitive" matters
  5. Any other matters (please specify)

Online Community

In addition to the mentoring support offered before, during and after the workshop, IFS and SEARCA are considering to set up an online community in which the research teams can communicate within and among themselves, and with IFS and SEARCA colleagues.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Maria Monina Cecilia A. Villena
Program Head Knowledge Management Department
College, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines
Tel.: (+63 49) 554 9330 to 39; (+63 2) 8657 1300 to 1302, local 3500

Dr. Nova A. Ramos
Program Specialist
Training Unit
Knowledge Management Department
College, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines
Tel.: (+63 49) 554 9330 to 39; (+63 2) 8657 1300 to 1302, local 3501