Policy Roundtable on Biotechnology: Biotechnology for Food Security in a Climate Change Scenario and ASEAN Integration

26-27 May 2014 Baoson Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA); CropLife Asia; Institute of Agricultural Genetics of the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences


  • To share information on the state and commitment of member countries in the development and regulation of modern biotechnology products;
  • To understand the impacts of biotechnology on agriculture, food security and poverty in the region;
  • To explore possible areas for collaboration and cooperation in the development of biotechnology products as adaptation strategy for climate change; and
  • To identify areas in biotechnology product regulations that may negatively affect free trade within the ASEAN.


Two representatives each from Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Cambodia, and a total of 10 from Vietnam (including secretariat support) participated in the activity. Representatives of international development organizations and those working on biotechnology were likewise invited.