UPM-AF-SEARCA Joint Scholarship Program

This partnership started in 2018 with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in Malaysia, Agropolis Fondation (AF) in France, and SEARCA, aimed to strengthen and promote scientific cooperation and knowledge sharing between Southeast Asia and France on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. The joint scholarship program combines research and higher education and capacity building activities in the fields of agriculture and food and sustainable development. It provides PhD Fellowships to Southeast Asian students who will spend 18 months in any of SEARCA's study posts and another 18 months in a research unit in Montpellier, France from among Agropolis Fondation's vast scientific network, under a Cotutelle program. These scholars are jointly supervised by scientists, researchers and/or professors from these two institutions.

Thematic coverage of the program

The program funds PhD Fellowships for Southeast Asian students in any or a combination of the following thematic areas:

  • Preparing the crops of tomorrow
  • Reinforcing the sustainability of food and agriculture systems, including agro-ecological transition
  • Designing and optimizing integrated approaches towards bioeconomy and product quality
  • Agriculture and climate change linkage (mitigation and adaptation)
  • Developing integrated approaches in agriculture, value chains, management of territories, and public policies

Awardees under the program

The UPM-AF-SEARCA Joint Scholarship Program has awarded the following SEAsian nationals:

Name of Student/
Field of Specialization/
Study post
Research topic
UPM-AF-SEARCA Co-funding
Julia Ng Su Chen (F)
BioResource Management
Universiti Putra Malaysia and GREEN Research Unit, CIRAD, France
Advancing on the conceptualization of a theory of change for landscape approaches to biodiversity conservation, the case of Sabah in Malaysia
Yao Tze Leong (M)
Forest Management and Ecosystem Sciences
Universiti Putra Malaysia and UMP DIADE, IRD, France
Ensuring the future of perennial crops in Southeast Asia in a context of global change: Case of Garcinia fruit tree species
AF-SEARCA Co-funding
Junaidi (M)
Biological Sciences
Universitas Gadjah Mada and UMR AGAP, CIRAD, France
Biochemical, near-infra red spectroscopy and gene expression analyses of reactive oxygen species-scavenging systems in latex of Hevea brasiliensis
Nguyen Van Hieu (M)
Plant Breeding
University of the Philippines Los Baños and AGAP, CIRAD, France
Integration of genetic resources from gene bank into breeding program and optimization of their use for genetic improvement: a case study on rice

Contact Information

For inquiries, please contact:

Education and Collective Learning - Graduate Scholarship and Institutional Development (ECL-GSID)
Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)
College, Los Baños, 4031 Laguna, Philippines
Tel: +63 49 554 9330 to 39; +63 49 536 2290; +63 49 572 3743; +63 2 8657 1300 to 02 local 2200 to 2203
Fax: +63 49 536 7097