Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Mentorship Program: Communicating Agriculture and Fisheries Research for Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Quick Facts:

  • April 2017 to December 2019
  • Philippines
  • Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Agricultural Research

The goal of the project is to facilitate improved agricultural and fisheries research reporting and knowledge management in the agriculture and fisheries sectors. Specifically, the program aims to enable research information officers and research project staff to:

  1. Gain knowledge on science communication and how it relates to communicating agricultural and fisheries research and technology among various audience;
  2. Apply techniques on reportage of agriculture and fisheries research results and technology information in multimedia platform;
  3. Produce stories in preferred platforms that engage public understanding on a specific agriculture or fisheries research; and
  4. Gain deeper understanding on current issues and trends in the agriculture and fisheries research subsector through benchmarking visits in international agricultural development organizations.