School Edible Landscaping for Entrepreneurship


The general objective of the program is to scale out/up SEL4E project through multi-stakeholder participation in improving the nutrition and health of children and their families in Rizal province. 

Specifically, the program aims to:

  1. Develop strong multi-stakeholder partnerships among Local Government Units of Rizal and partner agencies to support the home garden component of SEL4E 
  2. Boost the capacity of teachers and LGUs by developing a core team with the added information, skills, and understanding for properly disseminating the needed concepts and values to K-12 students in the target schools. 
  3. Organize community and form self-help groups among households involved in the program; and
  4. Provide recommendations for sustaining and scaling up of the project to various municipalities in Rizal.


Project Scope

The key components of this scaling-up program include multi-stakeholder partnerships using participatory development approaches, capacity building of LGU and DepEd staff, capacity building, and organizing of families and developing and disseminating learning material. The project will have two major components: 1) Trainers’ Training for the School Edible Landscaping for Entrepreneurship (SEL4E) in Rizal Province and 2) Home Gardening for Improve the Nutrition and Health of Children and their Families.


Component 1: Trainers’ Training for the School Edible Landscaping for Entrepreneurship (SEL4E) Project

It is believed that one of the fastest and most efficient ways of disseminating information and influencing the values of the people is by training teachers as channels of knowledge and values formation. The training will be a venue to:

  • Discuss experiences, initiatives, and good practices for implementing SEL4E or similar activities;
  • Explain key elements of food and nutrition, sustainable development goals, organic agriculture, biodiversity, and edible landscaping for integration in the SEL4E and their links to income and character development;
  • Describe the process and requirements of designing, establishing, and maintaining edible organic school gardens; biodiversity enhancing landscaping, and the involvement of students, teachers, parents and local institutions to support, scale up, and disseminate information about SEL4E; and
  • Learn the steps in preparing earning lessons or teacher’s logs; and equip teachers with materials that can be used for complementing SEL4E integration in the curriculum. 


Component 2: Home Gardening for Improving the Nutrition and Health of Children and their Families

The scaling up model for the stepwise provincial-wide promotion of the home garden component of the SEL4E consists of three phases, namely:

Phase 1: Scoping and Organization

Phase 2: Capacity Building and Garden Planning and Implementation

Phase 3: Strengthening of Protocols

Project Details

  • School Edible Landscaping for Entrepreneurship
  • Active
  • 2022-110
  • Philippines
    • Synergy Group Operations, Inc.
    • SEARCA
  • 1 Oct 2022 30 Sep 2024
  • Food Security; nutrition
  • Food and Nutrition Security; Sustainable Farming Systems and Natural Resource Management