OMG Farm Visit and SEARCA Agri-Innovation Hub & Media Consultation Meeting

The Binhi Inc. & OMG Farm in Los Baños, Laguna, headed by Dr. Glen Gregorio, is leading the charge in agricultural innovation with the use of drone technology for better crop yields. During the recent "Banana Harvest and Planting Festival," media representatives were given a tour of the expansive farm.

Dr. Gregorio highlighted the cultivation of banana seedlings in Los Baños and Bai, Laguna, using advanced techniques including tissue culture and drone-assisted plantation management. The farm specializes in Lakatan and Cadabra banana varieties, ensuring high-quality produce for both local consumption and export.

At OMG Farm, seedlings undergo meticulous nurturing in bottles with precise hormonal manipulation, resulting in robust plants ready for planting. The farm's dedication to quality is evident, with each seedling costing 50 pesos and requiring careful acclimatization before transplantation.

Aside from bananas, OMG Farm boasts a diverse array of crops including orange langka, sitaw, bataw, and papaya. The farm's commitment to innovation extends to the SEARCA Agri Innovation Hub, where robotics prototypes are utilized for educational purposes, igniting students' imaginations and fostering interest in agricultural applications.

SEARCA, in collaboration with various stakeholders including the media, is spearheading efforts to revolutionize agricultural practices in Southeast Asia. Emphasizing the importance of biotechnology and agribusiness, SEARCA aims to empower farming communities and cultivate a new generation of agriculturists.

Through partnerships with government agencies and research institutions like PhilRice and IRRI, SEARCA is driving progress in key areas such as coconut and calamansi industries. The recent International Coconut Summit, held in collaboration with the Philippine Coconut Authority, underscores SEARCA's pivotal role in shaping agricultural policy and practice.

As SEARCA continues to innovate and collaborate, its invaluable contributions to agricultural development serve as a beacon of hope for farmers and communities across the Philippines and beyond.