Climate change resilience local development planning needed

  • 10 May 2017, Wednesday
9 May 2017


DAVAO CITY- The Climate Change Commission (CCC) said the time is now for local communities to embrace climate change resilience.

Commissioner Noel Gaerlan of the CCC said there is an urgency to approach local development planning on three fronts: climate change and disaster risk preparedness, environmental stability and economic growth in the light of the changing and worsening climactic conditions.

The CCC and the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA0 has called on for the the adoption of climate resilience and green growth approach for the development of Mindanao.

The call was held during a conference on "Climate Resilience and Green Growth in Mindanao: Road Map to Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development." Held today (May 9).

Gaerlan said that the one degree change in global temperature can have an impact in the world's ecosystems.

"The Climate Change Commission is aggressively promoting risk and science based approach, convergence and integration of various government efforts towards development of a climate-adjusted national and local development plans."

Abul Khayr Amalon Alonto II delivering the keynote speech of MinDA Secretary Abul Khayr Alonto during the conference emphasized that Mindanao as food basket is threatened by the impact of climate change, that occurrence of heavy flooding in several areas in Mindanao was claimed lives and properties and has become a serious concern to everyone.

Alonto bared that among MinDA's strategic priorities include climate change adaption and mitigation, promotion of clean and green technologies, sustainable management of natural resources and critical ecosystems and promote public awareness and capacity building for environmental sustainability. (PIA/RG Alama)