Carabao agency eyes bigger community involvement

  • 22 February 2016, Monday

Source: The Manila Times
21 Feb 2016

THE Philippine Carabao Agency (PCC) wants local communities to be more active in promoting Carabao-based Enterprise Development (CBED) in the countryside.

To realize that objective, the PCC and the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) recently conducted a workshop-seminar on knowledge management at Park Inn Hotel in Clark, Pampanga.

CBED Project Team Leader Dr. Serafin Talisayon said communities can perform a bigger role in promoting carabao-based enterprises by learning knowledge management (KM).

“KM for community-based enterprises aims to enable participants to articulate an enhanced understanding and appreciation of KM and inter-regional learning to promote CBED,” SEARCA said in a statement.

“It also aims to understand the use and describe the features of an online discussion tool among center directors and agree on and follow through actions to be taken at the regional level in preparation for the National Forum on Knowledge Sharing in CBED,” it added.

A joint workshop among center directors and regional coordinators was also conducted which aims to enable participants to articulate the mechanics and value of communities of practice (CoP) and of various online KM tools to support CoP work.

The joint workshop also aimed at identifying CBED practices that were documented for input to the National Forum on Knowledge Sharing in CBED. It also aimed at identifying feasible tools for cross-regional knowledge sharing and identifying capacity building needs of regional centers in relation to inter-regional learning and knowledge sharing.

SEARCA is currently undertaking the project called Building Capacity and Strengthening Partnership for Carabao Development Program for the PCC.