AIT's Aquaculture Milestones Drive Regional Sustainability Leadership

The Asian Institute of Technology's recent international gatherings have set new standards in responsible aquaculture, educational excellence, and global collaboration, propelling the industry toward a brighter, more sustainable future.

In a series of groundbreaking aquaculture advancements, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has once again affirmed its leadership in fostering sustainable practices within Asia and beyond. A trio of international events hosted by AIT’s Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management (AARM)—the International Fisheries Symposium, the Recent Advances in Tropical Aquaculture training, and the Giant Prawn Conference—have collectively charted a new course for responsible aquaculture and fisheries management.

Catalysing Innovation and Collaboration in Aquaculture Education

From November 8 to 21, 2023, AIT's School of Environment, Resources, and Development and Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) conducted an enriching training program titled "Recent Advances in Tropical Aquaculture, Aquaculture Nutrition, and Feed Technology." Participants from across 13 universities in the Philippines delved into the latest advancements, underpinning AIT's commitment to educational excellence and regional collaboration.

Fostering Global Dialogues for Future-Ready Fisheries

The 11th International Fisheries Symposium, under the banner "Building Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Future Generations," welcomed over 350 delegates from 25 countries between November 22 and 24. The symposium, a melting pot of ideas and strategies, was a testament to AIT's pivotal role in shaping a future where fisheries and aquaculture thrive harmoniously with nature. Attendees discussed responsible fisheries and aquaculture practices, addressing challenges and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods in coastal communities.

Advancing Freshwater Prawn Aquaculture: A Giant Leap for Sustainability

AIT, in partnership with Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU) and the Department of Fisheries, Thailand, hosted the esteemed 6th Giant Prawn Conference from November 27 to 29. This premier event, dedicated to the farming and conserving giant freshwater prawns of Macrobrachium spp., galvanized 160 experts from 17 countries in a collaborative quest for sustainable practices and resilient industry solutions. This year's symposium, themed "Another Giant Leap for Sustainability," focused on the unique potential of giant freshwater prawns for sustainable farming, emphasizing technological innovations, particularly in biotechnology, and spotlighting Thailand's advancements in the industry.

"These back-to-back events have showcased AIT's expertise in aquaculture and cemented our position as a hub for international knowledge exchange," said AIT President Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto. "Our concerted efforts are paving the way for sustainable blue growth, benefiting Thailand and setting a precedent for global practices in aquaculture and fisheries management."

The convergence of these events at AIT signifies a significant leap towards a sustainable future, where education, innovation, and global cooperation drive the aquaculture and fisheries industries forward. AIT remains steadfast in its dedication to being at the forefront of this transformative journey, contributing to the economic vitality and environmental stewardship of the region.

About the Asian Institute of Technology

The Asian Institute of Technology, an international institution for higher education located in the north of Bangkok, has been at the forefront of technological and developmental education and research since 1959. Known for its multicultural academic environment and focus on sustainable development, AIT continues to contribute to advancing critical sectors like aquaculture, playing a vital role in shaping the future of the region's blue economy.

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