PCC-SEARCA Scholarship

International Professional Service Provider for Local and International Graduate Scholarship Programs In Livestock Research and Biotechnology for the Philippine Carabao Center

About the Scholarship

The project aims to strengthen the Philippine Carabao Center’s pool of professionals by providing scholarship grants to qualified PCC officers and regular staff to complete graduate degrees from selected universities of center of excellence in the Philippines, USA, Canada and Australia.

The following areas of studies, as covered by the PCC-SEARCA scholarship project:

  1. International Scholarship Grants: Livestock biotechnology, genomics, bioinformatics, policy and development studies
  2. Local Scholarship Grants: Policy, planning and development, knowledge management and biotechnology

The scholarship is granted up to a maximum of four semesters (2 years) for a master's degree program and six semesters (3 years) for a doctoral program.


Officers and regular staff of PCC who plan to pursue advance degree leading to molecular livestock biotechnology, genomics, bioinformatics, policy, development studies and knowledge management and related fields can apply for the scholarship.

Applicants must have received an offer or have been admitted to any of the selected study posts, to be eligible for the program.

Scholarship Coverage

The grant shall cover tuition fees, monthly stipend, book allowance, annual health insurance, thesis/dissertation expense, domestic travel allowance, and round trip airfare.

The scholar may seek additional grant for thesis/dissertation work from other sources provided that the scholarship is not sufficient to cover all of the necessary expenses for the research.

Application Procedure

Applicants shall submit all scholarship documents to PCC which shall initially screen and endorse shortlisted applicants to SEARCA.

Applications should be addressed to:

Dr. Arnel N. Del Barrio
Executive Director
Philippine Carabao Center

Dr. Liza G. Battad
Chief Planning and Special Projects Division

All shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by SEARCA as the final step in the selection process.

Application documents shall include:

  1. PCC-SEARCA Scholarship Application Form (2 copies);
  2. Official transcript of academic records of each degree completed (BS transcript for MS applicants and BS and MS transcripts for PhD applicants);
  3. Certification of employment;
  4. Brief description of the research the applicant plans to conduct for thesis/dissertation.  The research topic must contribute to the growing body of knowledge on livestock research and biotechnology for the Philippine Carabao Center;
  5. Two copies of passport-size pictures of the applicant;
  6. Curriculum vitae;
  7. Certification from a medical doctor that the applicant is in good physical and mental health condition and is fit to undertake graduate studies;
  8. Admission notice from selected university

For further inquiries, please contact:

Graduate Education and Institutional Development Department (GEIDD)
Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)
College, Los Baños 4031, Laguna, Philippines
Tel: +63 49 554 9330 to 39; +63 49 536 2290; +63 49 572 3743; +63 49 657 1300 to 02 local 2200 to 2203
Fax: +63 49 536 7097