Strategic Thrusts

SEARCA's Tenth Five-Year Plan (FY 2014/2015 – 2018/2019) focuses on the overarching theme of Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development (ISARD).

This theme is embedded in most of the major project initiatives of SEARCA in graduate education and institutional development, research and development, and knowledge management.

Because of the centrality of ISARD in the mission and vision of SEARCA for its Tenth Five-Year Plan, the concept is hereby defined and expounded to foster shared understanding of SEARCA's strategic direction and thrusts, namely:

Strategic Thrusts to Promote Social Inclusion

The following strategic thrusts will be the initial focus of SEARCA, at least during the first half of its Tenth Five-Year Plan (FY 2014/2015 – 2018/2019):

  • Strengthening of Value Chains and Agribusiness Commodity Systems
    • Reduction of post-harvest losses
    • Rural infrastructures to connect farmers to markets and reduce transaction costs
    • Agro-industrial clustering
  • Integration of small-scale farmers into commercial food systems
    • Partnership arrangements between small farmers and agro-industrial corporations that deliver the mutually-reinforcing triumvirate of technology, credit, and assured market
    • Rural processing and packaging of farm produce
    • Viable small-scale farming
  • Food and Nutrition Security
    • Food adequacy and access
    • Food quality and safety
  • Productivity-enhancing innovations and modern technologies
    • Biotechnology
    • Nanotechnology
    • Precision agriculture
  • Rural entrepreneurship toward off-farm and non-farm businesses (e.g., small-scale food processing)

Strategic Thrusts to Promote Environmental Sustainability

The following long-term areas of concern will become the main focus of SEARCA’s core programs during the Tenth Five-Year Plan (FY 2014/2015 – 2018/2019):

  • Climate change adaptation and resiliency
    • Risk mitigation/management
    • Climate-smart agriculture
  • Natural Resource Management
    • Agro-biodiversity conservation
    • Organic farming
    • Conservation farming
    • Agri-tourism
    • Land and water resource management

Cross-Cutting Strategic Thrusts

  • Sub-regional cooperation in trade and investments
    • Production complementation
    • Cross-border infrastructure and logistical facilities
  • Regional Economic Integration (AFTA and AEC 2015)
  • Government Policies, Institutions, and Governance Mechanisms/Reforms that can address and redress rural poverty, inequitable growth, and environmental degradation