SEARCA's Networks and Linkages

Partnerships are at the heart of SEARCA's mission to empower institutions involved in agricultural and rural development across Southeast Asia. Our collaborative approach has led us to engage with a diverse array of academic and research organizations as well as government and development entities, both within and beyond the region. These expansive alliances play a crucial role in driving our robust initiatives, spanning graduate scholarships, institutional development, training programs, knowledge management efforts, and research projects.

SEARCA's institutional partnerships enable us to tap into a vast reservoir of expertise across a spectrum of specialized domains, encompassing the breadth of our priority areas. In doing so, we harness a diverse pool of experts who contribute to the focal points of our work.

Furthermore, SEARCA's extensive network extends to its vibrant community of alumni—a testament to its enduring impact. The ranks of SEARCA graduates and associates (beneficiaries of SEARCA research, professorial chair, and travel grants) constitute a broad and highly skilled professional network.

Current Partners and Collaborators

SEARCA takes pride in the invaluable relationships we have forged with a diverse array of organizations, institutions, and stakeholders. These partnerships are the cornerstone of our shared mission to drive positive change, foster agricultural innovation, and empower communities across Southeast Asia.

Scholarship Co-funding Institutions

Funding for the SEARCA Graduate Study Program comes from Special Funds through the SEAMEO Education Development Fund (SEDF) and donations generated by the SEAMEO Secretariat (SEAMES) in Bangkok, Thailand. The fund consists of contributions from SEAMEO member countries as well as associate members, friendly governments, organization, and individuals.

SEARCA Alumni, Associates, and Fellows (SAAF)

SEARCA considers the participants and beneficiaries of its capacity-building programs as partners in carrying out the Center's mandate of promoting agricultural and rural development toward poverty reduction and food security in Southeast Asia.

University Consortium

Initiated by SEARCA, the University Consortium was seen as a viable approach to pursuing agricultural human resource development in Southeast Asia by linking top agricultural universities in the region to facilitate free exchange of information, facilities, and expertise.

Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities

Established in 1972, the Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities (AAACU) is a network of agricultural colleges and universities in Asia with the main mission of improving human welfare through agriculture, education, research, and extension.