SEARCA's Networks and Linkages

Partnerships have been critical to SEARCA's ability to carry out effectively its mandate of developing the capacities of institutions across Southeast Asia that are working for agricultural and rural development.

As such, SEARCA has worked with many academic and research institutions as well as government and development organizations in Southeast Asia and beyond the region.These wide-ranging collaborations have been instrumental in the Center's intense capacity-building efforts through graduate scholarships, short-term training and other knowledge management endeavors, as well as in its research and development.

Through its institutional collaborations, the Center has access to a large pool of experts in specialized topics that deal with the various concerns encompassed by SEARCA's priority themes of natural resource management and agricultural competitiveness.

Moreover, SEARCA counts as part of its human and social capital the thousands of SEARCA graduate and training Alumni. The SEARCA alumni, along with the SEARCA Associates (recipient of SEARCA research, professorial chair, and travel grants), form an extensive group of highly-trained professionals who are at the forefront of agricultural and rural development efforts.