SEARCA undertakes scoping study on Inclusive Agribusiness in Southeast Asia for DFAT-CSIRO in support of Grow Asia Partnership

  • 25 June 2015, Thursday

(Left to Right) Ms. Michaela Cosijn and Ms. Jennifer Kelly of the Food Systems Innovation-CSIRO with Mr. Henry Custodio (Program Specialist) and Dr. Bessie M. Burgos (Program Head for R&D) of SEARCA, and Dr. Nerlita Manalili, study leader of the scoping research.

The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) is implementing the study titled Landscape: Inclusive Agribusiness in Southeast Asia, in support of the Inclusive Agribusiness Southeast Asia Roundtable, which the Southeast Asia Inclusive Agribusiness Roundtable Partnership will convene on 9-10 September 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The Southeast Asia Inclusive Agribusiness Roundtable Partnership is an initiative of Grow Asia, Food Systems Innovation, Seas of Change, Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The scoping study is funded by the DFAT through the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). It aims to examine and share evidence of emerging inclusive agribusiness innovation trends in the ASEAN region with specific focus on countries where Grow Asia Chapter is being organized (Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Indonesia). It identifies relevant players and their activities and roles in the region in relation to inclusive agribusiness. The research provides an analysis of effective practices and implications of these for future investments, policy decisions, and partnership strategies. The results of the study will feed into the Inclusive Agribusiness Southeast Asia Roundtable. Dr. Nerlita M. Manalili, a well-known Agribusiness Specialist in the region and former SEARCA head for R&D, carries out the scoping study in coordination with SEARCA’s Research and Development Department.

SEARCA through Dr. Bessie M. Burgos, Program Head for Research and Development, is also part of the informal Inclusive Agribusiness Reference Group that will support the aspirations of the Inclusive Agribusiness Roundtable. The Reference Group provides strategic advice on macroregional trends, challenges, and opportunities effecting inclusive agribusiness in the region. In this connection, SEARCA received and met with Ms. Jennifer Kelly and Ms. Michaela Cosijn from the Food Systems Innovation-CSIRO on 16 June 2015 for a general discussion about the Roundtable and the research progress. (Bessie M. Burgos)

searca undertakes scoping study on inclusive agribusiness in southeast asia for dfat csiro in support of grow asia partnership 2

The Food Systems Innovation-CSIRO guests having discussion with SEARCA Director, Dr. Saguguit, Jr. regarding the Inclusive Agribusiness study and Roundtable