SEARCA releases new publications

  • 23 January 2014, Thursday


New publications are now downloadable for free:


  1. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the Philippines: Status, Issues, and Policy Strategies (Banzon, A.T., Mojica, L.E., and Cielo, A.A. 2013)
  2. Legislative actions and operational reforms toward a smuggling-free agriculture industry in the Philippines: A Policy Brief (SEARCA, DA-BAR, and PhilRice. 2013)
  3. Adapting to Climate Change: The Cordillera Experience (Sandoval, R., Jr. and Baas, S. 2013)
  4. A Transdisciplinary Approach to Climate Change Adaptation (Mendoza, M.E.T., Ballaran, V.G., Jr., Arias, J.K.B., and Burgos, B.M. 2014)
  5. Flood Early Warning System: Viable Low-cost Adaptation for Lakeshore Municipalities in the Sta. Cruz River Watershed (Arias, J.K.B., Dorado, R.A., Mendoza, M.E.T., and Ballaran, V.G., Jr. 2014)
  6. Productivity Growth in Philippine Agriculture (SEARCA and DA-Bar PGPA Series of 2013)
    1. Measuring and Explaining Total Factor Productivity Growth and Patterns in Philippine Agriculture: A Regional Panel Data Framework (Teruel, R.G. and Dumagan, J.C.)
    2. Agricultural Productivity Growth and Environmental Externalities in the Philippines (Rola, A.C., Sajise, A.J.U., Harder, D.S., and Alpuerto, J.M.P.)
    3. Human Capital and Agricultural Productivity: The Case of the Philippines (Lanzona, L.A., Jr.)
    4. Institutions, Social Capital, and Productivity Growth in Philippine Agriculture (Edillon, R.G.)
    5. Investments in Research, Development, and Extension: Implications on TFP (Francisco, S.R. and Bordey, F.H.)
    6. Productivity Growth in Philippine Hog and Poultry Industries (Cabanilla, L.S., Rodriguez, U.E., Quilloy, A.J.A.)
    7. Scenarios and Options for Productivity Growth in Philippine Agriculture: An Application of the Agricultural Multi-market Model for Policy Evaluation (AMPLE) (Briones, R.)
    8. The Impact of Infrastructure on Agricultural Productivity (Llanto, G.M.)
    9. Total Factor Productivity Growth in the Philippine Coconut and Sugarcane Sub-sectors (Aragon, C.T., Carambas, N.D.M., Andres, R.T., Roxas, K.G., and Fernandez, D.P.)
    10. Total Factor Productivity Growth in the Philippine Mango and Banana Sub-sectors (Lantican, F.A., Bathan, B.M., Lantican, M.A., Monis, D.L.A., and Lantican, K.J.G.)
    11. Productivity in the Rice Sector in the Philippine Agriculture (Mangabat, M.C., Sanguyo, E.B., and Sombilla, M.A.)

SEARCA’s Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development (AJAD), an international refereed journal, also releases two new issues (available for subscription):

  1. AJAD Vol. 9 No. 3 Special Issue: Proceedings of the 7th Asian Society of Agricultural Economists (ASAE) International Conference
  2. AJAD Vol. 10 No. 1


Watch out for SEARCA’s forthcoming publications.