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SEARCA Agriculture and Development Seminar Series (ADSS)

The SEARCA Agriculture and Development Seminar Series (ADSS) encourages presentation and discussion of development and research issues, as well as their implications for agricultural and rural development. Through the ADSS, SEARCA aims to contribute to a vibrant scientific exchange within, and even beyond, the Los Baños Science Community.

The ADSS and its special seminars are open to the public and are scheduled as much as possible on a Tuesday, 4-5 p.m.

Speakers at SEARCA's ADSS included officials of the Philippine Cabinet and other government agencies, UN agencies, other international development organizations, and nongovernment organizations; researchers and academicians, and graduate students.

SEARCA also hosts other public lectures under ADSS, including SEARCA graduate seminars in which its graduating scholars deliver papers based on their theses or dissertations as well as other special seminars co-organized by SEARCA with other organizations.

17 Mar 2017

Advancing Fair Market Competition: The Role of Communication and Knowledge Management

Dr. Clarissa C. David, Director, Communications and Knowledge Management Office, Philippine Competition Commission
7 Mar 2017

From Zero to One: The Mind Museum Experience

Ms. Maria Isabel O. Garcia, Curator, The Mind Museum
6 Mar 2017

Museums in an Information Society: From Collection to Digital Archives

Dr. Eiji Mizushima, Professor, University of Tsukuba President, Japan Museum Management Academy (JMMA)
28 Feb 2017

BINHI: Debunking the Reasons Not to Plant Native Trees

Prof. Pastor L. Malabrigo, Associate Professor, Dept. of Forest Biological Sciences, College of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of the Philippines Los Baños
21 Feb 2017

Higher Education in Cambodia: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities

Dr. Nith Bunlay, Deputy Director General, Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MOEYS), Cambodia
7 Dec 2016

The Rowan University Biomedical Startup: from graduate education to life altering solutions

Dr. Anthony Lowman, Dean, Henry M. Rowan College College of Engineering Rowan University, New Jersey, USA
29 Nov 2016

Inclusive Development through a Pedagogy of Listening

Dr. Linje Manyozo, Senior Lecturer, School of Media and Communication, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
25 Nov 2016
25 Nov 2016

The Outstanding SEARCA Scholarship Alumni (OSSA): Champions of Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development by Dr. Delfin J. Ganapin Jr.

Dr. Delfin J. Ganapin Jr., Global Manager, Small Grants Programme, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
18 Nov 2016
27 Sep 2016
4 Aug 2016

The Intergovernmental Science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES): Experiences and Insights from the Pollination Assessment

Dr. Josef Settele, Senior Research Scientist, Department of Community Ecology Helmholtz, Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ, Germany
20 Jul 2016

The BT Talong Case: An Assessment

Atty. Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II, Officer-In-Charge, Institute of International Legal Studies (IILS), UP Law Center
20 Jul 2016

WTO Issues on the Importation of GM Crops

Atty. Celeste Ruth Cembrano Mallari, Law Education Specialist, Institute of International Legal Studies (IILS), UP Law Center
22 Jun 2016

Big Data Analytics: Building the CGIAR Platform for Applications in Agriculture R&D

Dr. Andy Jarvis, Director, Decision and Policy Analysis (DAPA) Research Area, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
15 Jun 2016

Reducing the High Energy Bill and Carbon Footprint for an Energy and Climate Change-Compliant Sugarcane Production

Dr. Teodoro C. Mendoza, Professor and Scientist II, Crop Science Cluster, College of Agriculture, UPLB
Remarks: SEARCA Regional Professorial Chair Lecture
14 Jun 2016
7 Jun 2016

How much do Households in a Sub-watershed Pay for Damages and Adaptation Strategies During Extreme Events?

Dr. Zenaida M. Sumalde, Professor, College of Economics and Management, UPLB
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