Training Course on Edible Mushroom Production for Asian Farmers and Entrepreneurs


The course intends to provide technical information on how Asian farmers and entrepreneurs may incorporate mushrooms into their systems either as additional enterprise or as full-blown business. Mushroom production can play an important role in managing organic farming wastes when agricultural and food processing  by-products are used as growing media for edible fungi. The spent substrate can then be composed and applied directly back to the soil as an organic fertilizer supplement.

Intended Participants

Researchers, Government Officers, Extension Workers, Trainers, and Entrepreneurial Farmer Leaders in the Asia-Pacific region (with a working knowledge of successful experiences on improved technologies of mushroom production that can be shared)

Date and Venue

21-27 November 2010, Taichung, Taiwan ROC


  • FFTC
  •  Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI)
  •  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)
  • Council of Agriculture (COA), Taiwan ROC

For more information, please download:

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Contact Person

Ms. Nova A. Ramos, Training Specialist


Tel.: (+63-49) 536 2365 to 67, local 125/417