Technology and Investment Profile of Batuan Products

Technology and Investment Profile of Batuan Products
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by Peter S. Sobrevega, Corazon A. Arroyo, Elizabeth F. Amit, Nora T. Garpa, Corazon T. Aragon, Antonio Jesus A. Quilloy, Nikka Marie P. Billedo, and Rebeka A. Paller
2020 | Technology and Investment Profiles Monograph Series
  • Paperback 978-971-560-275-4 
  • e-ISBN 978-971-560-285-3 

The batuan fruit has potential uses in many food products aside from its traditional use as a souring agent in many local dishes. The fruits can be preserved by slicing it into thin pieces and then drying it under the sun. It can be made into pickles. Dried fruit slices are valued as a traditional remedy for dysentery.

In spite of the potential uses of batuan in many food products, it remains underutilized due to very limited research information on its food processing possibilities. Since batuan is susceptible to spoilage when mature, lengthening its shelf life needs corresponding food processing. Processing of batuan into new, novel, shelf-stable, and convenient food products will maximize its use and marketability.