Agricultural Policy and Institutional Reforms in Thailand: Experiences, Impacts, and Lessons

by Nipon Poapongsakorn and Isriya N. Bunyasiri
2017 | Southeast Asian Agriculture and Development Primer Series 2nd Edition | 81 pages
  • Soft cover 1813-2316
  • e-ISSN 2599-3925

This edition focuses on the analysis of each country’s experiences, lessons, and insights on policy reforms and institutional innovations in the agriculture sector. The Thailand Primer highlights the structural change of the country’s agriculture sector, particularly the government’s efforts to enhance food safety. It also presents policy options for phasing out Thailand’s Paddy Pledging Program with minimal damage to the country’s rice industry. Some of these options highlighted in the Primer include the non-intervention arrangements such as the income compensation schemes and strengthening futures markets for agricultural products (Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand).