Developing a KM System: SEARCA's Experience

Developing a KM System: SEARCA's Experience
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by Maria Celeste H. Cadiz, Mariliza V. Ticsay, Maria Monina Cecilia A. Villena, and Nova A. Ramos
2018 | Discussion Paper Series Vol. 2017 | 20 pages
  • Paperback 1908-6164
  • e-ISSN 2599-3895

The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture’s (SEARCA) current five-year plan, its tenth, focuses on inclusive and sustainable agricultural and rural development (ISARD), described as a scheme and approach of engaging multiple stakeholders toward improving the well-being of the rural poor through their improved natural resource-based livelihoods along with supportive systems and institutions that contribute to food and nutrition security of the wider population beyond present generations. Along ISARD emphases on environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and institutions and governance, SEARCA as a knowledge managing institution with a capacity building mandate, promotes adaptive and social learning, knowledge sharing and use, and knowledge creation with a deliberate effort to capture, store, and make explicit the tangible knowledges generated by its scholars, researchers, and partners.