Undertaking Biodiversity Research to Address Development Needs

Undertaking Biodiversity Research to Address
Development Needs

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by Leah P. Arboleda
2006 | Policy Brief Series Vol. 2006 No. 2 | 2 pages
  • Print 1656-8818
  • e-ISSN 2599-3917

The loss of biological diversity or biodiversity has indeed made everyone realize the value of life on earth. All forms of life, from the tiniest insect, to the tallest tree, and even to the biggest animal, have demonstrated interdependent and complex interactions that are necessary to ensure the survival of all, most importantly human life. Biodiversity interactions have shown how each depends on the other for survival, regardless of where they live. This is the reason why the irreversible loss of biodiversity is the most pressing environmental concern today.

As a country identified with having a rich biodiversity, the Philippines has always been studied by local and international researchers. Research projects have focused on the documentation, monitoring, rehabilitation, conservation, and protection of biodiversity in the Philippines. Since most of these projects were funded by foreign institutions, the sustainability of initiatives remains uncertain.