Biofuels in Asia: An Analysis of Sustainability Options

Biofuels in Asia: An Analysis of Sustainability Options

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by Lorna M. Calumpang
2009 | Policy Brief Series Vol. 2009 No. 3 | 2 pages
  • Print 1656-8818
  • e-ISSN 2599-3917

More than half a billion people in Asia do not have access to fuels. But while the rest of Asia have access to fuels, this access is to fossil fuels, which currently contributes 5 to 48 percent of the total particulate matter (dust, pollen, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets suspended in air) resulting from combustion process in Asian cities.

Biofuels have a place in the energy mix of Asia – best used to promote energy access because some places do not have access to fossil fuels. Clean energy program looks at the potential of biofuels production; yet, biofuels production should not jeopardize water and food supply for a continuously growing population.Roughly, the current transport demand from biofuels is 3% in the whole of Asia, and 1% in the entire earth. With this demand, the water needed to meet the requirement cannot support biofuels production.