Aiming at a Never-Ending Supply of Rice

Aiming at a Never-Ending Supply of Rice

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by Lorna C. Malicsi
2005 | Policy Brief Series Vol. 2005 No. 10 | 2 pages
  • Print 1656-8818
  • e-ISSN 2599-3917

Did it ever occur to you where rice is came from?

Myths tell us that as early as 400 years ago, the Chinese cultivated rice and later it was intoduced to India, where the natives saw this plant and started tinkering this crop for food.

Aiming at a never-ending supply of rice is not just a simplistic "Let's plant rice today and harvest in 120 days. There's more to it than meets the eyes.

Rice is grown by farmers mostly from rainfed areas which are prone to erratic rainfall, flooding, and ironically, drought. And even if rice would grow and produce grains, the yields would barely enable the farmers to survive until the next cropping.