SEARCA's First 50 Years

SEARCA's First 50 Years
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by Lily L. Tallafer
2016 | Coffee Table Book | 85 pages
  • Hardcover 978-971-560-180-1

This book marks our golden year with swatches of defining moments in the Center’s first five decades, and how we view its future. Though not a full detailed historical account, the images honor and portray the collective efforts and contributions of a multitude of people and entities who have joined SEARCA in its noble objectives and mandate – a tribute to the Center’s past and present leaders and staff, many of whom have silently and devotedly worked behind the scenes.

Moreover, this book celebrates regional cooperation, organizational partnerships, and friendships. SEARCA has come this far and existed this long all because we have a community of partners who share our aspirations, who helps us walk our talk, and who partakes in the cause of our common commitments for the region.