Building Capacity and Strengthening Partnership for Carabao Development Program (CDP)

Quick Facts:

  • April 2015 to February 2020
  • Philippines
  • Philippine Carabao Center

Based on the survey conducted by the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) in 2010, carabao population in the Philippines was already at 3.0 million heads. BAS (2010) also estimated that the volume of meat production from this subsector reached 148,000 metric tons valued at PhP10.5 billion at current prices, while milk production was estimated at 5.4 million liters in 2009, valued at PhP248.4 million. The larger contribution of the subsector was in terms of yield of major crop production, where carabaos provided significant draft power requirement at an estimated value of PhP8.16 billion. This sector's main economic beneficiaries are the smallholder farmers who own 99 percent of this animal resource. To further assist this sector, PCC is upscaling the implementation of its Carabao Development Program (CDP). This will be done through knowledge management, capacity building, and enterprise development.

The objectives of the project are to:

  1. Conduct an audit of knowledge assets and resources of PCC;
  2. Formulate appropriate KM policies and programs for PCC;
  3. Design and develop a strategic KM Plan for PCC;
  4. Strengthen the capacity of PCC staff through training on Genetics Improvement, Research and Development, and Enterprise Development;
  5. Organize national and regional learning events to generate and share knowledge on water buffalo production, management, and its contribution to socio-economic development; and
  6. Develop and demonstrate a Carabao Village Enterprise Development (CVED) scheme along the value chain in cooperation with LGUs, farmers and the private sector, with the end in view of ensuring sustainable production of carabao and availability of its dairy products.