Research and Development Program

SEARCA's Research and Development (R&D) Program fosters an environment of evidence-based investigations, action research, a culture of continuous learning, and holistic and participatory development interventions through partnership and collaboration.

The constantly changing environment - biophysical, socio-political, and economic – and the complex and interlinked need for food and nutrition security, poverty and hunger alleviation, market and economic integration, among others, compel SEARCA to steer research towards inclusive and sustainable agricultural and rural development (ISARD). Growth and development should benefit and empower the poor and vulnerable sectors and should be achieved while maintaining the integrity and usefulness of the natural environment.

SEARCA's R&D Program aims to generate knowledge, lessons, and insights that will influence policies, investments and other actions towards ISARD. It will involve stakeholders in ARD—from communities to institutions to policymakers, with a view to enriching policies and decisions by employing tools of science.

SEARCA's R&D Program takes a leadership role in promoting ISARD by undertaking and coordinating research projects, policy roundtables, conferences, and other fora. Furthermore, the R&D Program spearheads the implementation of research and travel grants, fellows programs, and a regional achievement award in agricultural development.

Moreover, the Center is proactively offering its organizational resources to support ASEAN in light of the regional economic integration. SEARCA's support are mainly through the conduct of studies and the organization of policy dialogues.