Leadership Development Program for Higher Education Institutions (LDP-HEIs) in the Philippines

Leadership Development Program for Higher Education Institutions (LDP-HEIs) in the Philippines
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Higher education institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines face a growing number of challenges, among them the massification, diversification, internationalization, and marketization of higher education. In addition, there are challenges specific to HEIs in ASEAN Member States (AMS), including the need to keep in step with the ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) initiative, gain recognition through the ASEAN University Rankings system, and prepare themselves for the unique local and regional challenges that come with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) agenda.

In efforts to build the capacity of Southeast Asian HEI leaders to be equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead thriving and resilient universities in the region, the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) in partnership with The HEAD Foundation has conducted three successful runs of the "Leadership Development Program for Higher Education Institutions in Southeast Asia," in January 2019, January 2020 and April 2021. Thus far, the program has enhanced the abilities of 65 higher education leaders from eight Southeast Asian countries.

Within the Philippine higher education sector, there is a need to raise the standard of Philippine HEIs and drive them towards enhanced relevance and competitiveness in the 21st century. This can only be done by building on their leadership and management capacities within the context of global challenges asserted by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Better outcomes are needed with respect to stronger academe-industry-government connectivity and curricular innovations that are in step with the current needs and challenges, e.g. in creating business opportunities, particularly from agriculture and developing the entrepreneurial and 21st century skills of students for disruptive innovations.

Philippine HEIs participating in this program will be challenged to "Up Your Game!", with respect to four key areas: Leadership, Graduate Preparedness, Technology and Faculty Readiness to take on board new challenges. Each of these areas will require new visions, strategies, goals and policies for leaders to take to their faculty and other staff and re-orientate them to higher levels of outcomes.

Who Should Apply?

There will be a maximum of 35 participants from at least 15 universities. All participants will be from comprehensive universities in the Philippines with a college/faculty of agriculture and members of the State Universities and Colleges-Association of Colleges of Agriculture of the Philippines, Inc. (SUC-ACAP).

Participants should be in leadership positions (Chancellors/Rectors, Campus Directors, Vice-Chancellors, Deans, Directors, Registrars) in the University who are at least master's degree holders, spend half of their time in administrative/managerial work, and/or new to their posts.

Program Objectives

Participants are expected to be able to:

  • Discuss present-day principles and best practices in leadership and management in higher education as asserted by experts and seasoned administrators, as well as by fellow participants;
  • Analyze contemporary issues and opportunities in higher education leadership and management; and
  • Propose strategic actions to address the current challenge and to take advantage of present opportunities facing their respective HEIs in particular, and higher education in the Philippines in general.

Expected Outputs

This program will provide participants with:

  • New perspectives of their roles as university leaders and empower them to drive change in their institutions;
  • An understanding of the trends that are driving changes in the labor market and in business and industry;
  • A vision of how higher education is evolving with the advent of new technologies and new experiences from remote learning;
  • Relevant knowledge about higher education leadership and management;
  • An opportunity to discuss common contemporary challenges and appropriate responses in the Philippine context;
  • A forward-looking work approach and strategies to address the rapidly changing environment of higher education in the face of opportunities and challenges in the region; and
  • Post-workshop leadership coaching to guide them towards successful planning and execution of their vision and mission.

Program Overview and Components

Sessions will be conducted online from October to November 2021, with coaching calls scheduled after all program sessions in January 2022.

The program, comprising four modules, will prepare participants for the challenges they will face as leaders of their institutions, bringing them to be prepared for the competitiveness and disruptions ahead of them.

The program will start with leadership, the issues facing Philippine HEIs, future-proofing graduates, the embrace of technology in teaching and learning, getting faculty ready for these changes, and finally refocus on leadership as the driver of these changes to go from merely good to great.

Leadership Development Program for Higher Education Institutions (LDP-HEIs) in the Philippines - themes

To ensure relevance and effectiveness of the training, and continuity of learning in the participants' institutions, the proposed program will comprise the following components:

  1. Workshops which will include faculty presentations, group presentations (by participants), and follow-up discussions;
  2. Keynote addresses by well-established experts and leaders in academe, industry and government;
  3. Assignments (pre- and post- workshop modules) which will culminate in a final presentation of each participating institution's Re-Entry Action Plan (REAP);
  4. Coaching calls to discuss progress and challenges in implementing REAP (January 2022).

Program Duration and Platform

The Program will be conducted online via the SEARCA Online Learning and Virtual Engagements (SOLVE) Platform from 4 October to 29 November 2021.

Program Fees

Applicants should come from invited SUC-ACAP members and are to apply via the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)-funded project of SEARCA titled Leveling-Up Philippine Higher Education Institutions in Agriculture, Fisheries, and Natural Resources (LevelUPHEI AFAR). Successful applicants will be awarded a grant to participate in this Leadership Development Program for Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines.