Knowledge Management Program Head

Regular position Knowledge Management Department (KMD)

Directs and oversees all activities related to the objectives of the Center's Knowledge Management as planned; Initiates, plans, develops, markets, and evaluates projects related to nonformal capacity development and knowledge management program; Implements and manages Knowledge Management-related projects; Oversees the activities of the Knowledge Resource Unit, Training, and Knowledge and Information Centers.



PhD/Doctorate Degree in Education, Community Development or Development Communication or related fields.

Work Experience

Eight (8) years of work-related experience, preferably in a similar post, 3 years of which in a managerial capacity, preferably in an agricultural and rural development setting. Experience in agricultural research and rural development is an advantage.

Basic Knowledge

Agricultural and Rural Development and its Human Resource Development needs in Southeast Asian Countries

Technical Knowledge

  • Expert knowledge in the fields of science communication; educational communication, technology, and management; knowledge management; and scientific research within one's own discipline
  • Excellent communication, media, organizing, leadership, management, monitoring, and analytical skills
  • Highly proficient in project identification, proposal development, presentation, marketing, and fund generation
  • Highly innovative in developing core program-related projects and schemes.
  • Good working knowledge of computer software applications (word processing, presentation, spreadsheets, database, search engines, social media)

Core Competencies

  • Innovativeness: seeks smart and creative solutions to emerging challenges
  • Flexibility/Adaptability to Change: works effectively with a variety of situations and adapts one's thinking, behavior and style appropriately in dealing with change. Adapting to different ways of thinking and doing things in a quick and a positive manner
  • Professionalism: exemplifies high standards of professional behavior adhering to ethical as well as moral principles, values and standards of SEARCA
  • Effective Communication: conveys organized thoughts, listens diligently, and engages in formal or informal conversation or writing that is easily and clearly understood by the receiver or audience to acquire or relay information, and motivates people or changes behavior
  • Team orientation: builds, develops, and utilizes collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of the Center's goals
  • Service orientation: anticipates and determines internal and external stakeholders' needs and provides timely and relevant assistance
  • Attention to Detail: reports and records accurate information, spots errors in documents and other forms of written communication, and notices quality issues on various work projects
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making: addresses issues and concerns with decisive action based on a systematic process of problem analysis and solution-seeking

Technical Competencies

  • Program Planning and Development: identifies, prioritizes, and develops programs in support of the Center's thrusts
  • Program Implementation and Management: leads, coordinates, manages, and programs according to plans and the Center's standards
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: monitors and evaluates programs to ensure achievement of objectives
  • Highly innovative in developing core program-related projects and schemes
  • Networking and Partnership Building: establishes and maintains networks and partnerships with foreign and local institutions and seeks support of people who can contribute to achievement of goals
  • Knowledge/Learning Events Organizing: develops, designs, plans, and implements knowledge/learning events that articulate the Center's thrusts

Leadership Competencies

  • Negotiation: Uses proper influence skills to obtain positive outcomes and make decisions that align with the strategic direction of the Center
  • Strategic management: Able to "see the big picture," think multi-dimensionally, craft innovative solutions, identify connections between situations or things that are not obviously related, and come up with new ideas and different ways to enhance Center effectiveness and responsiveness, thereby influence and realign the Center's goals and directions; monitors and reviews data from various aspects of corporate planning, and recommends enhancements
  • Risk management: identifies, analyzes, evaluates, and deals with risks relative to the achievement of goals and targets in general and of the offices/departments in particular
  • Empowering others: creates an enabling environment, which nurtures and sustains a performance-based, mentoring culture that includes a strong focus on developing people for current and future needs, managing talent, and promoting the value of continuous learning and improvement

Recruitment is still ongoing until a suitable candidate is accepted/hired.

Interested applicants may send their application at Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.