General Services Administrator

Regular position General Services Unit (GSU)

Administer the maintenance, construction, and repair of utility systems and facilities infrastructures of the Center which include office buildings, residence hotels, and housing units, including the supervision of staff/skilled/technical workers assigned to implement these repair and maintenance activities.



A graduate of a 4-year degree course preferably in Engineering, Architecture, and other related technical fields.

Work Experience

With 3-5 years of relevant work experience, 2 years of which in a supervisory capacity.

Basic Knowledge

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices in construction management, engineering, and design, including the interpretation and execution of blueprints and building codes
  • Proficient in developing and implementing procedures and guidelines, and work specifications for efficient, economic, and timely delivery of building repair, construction and maintenance services
  • Excellent leadership, management, monitoring, housekeeping, coordinating, problem-solving, and analytical skills in the area of property and building management. This includes directing the work of skilled and technical personnel, including laborers, in successfully implementing projects.

Basic Skills

Mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering principles in understanding plans and specifications.

Required Certifications/Professional License

Professional Driver's License and applicable engineering/architect's license