Career Opportunities

Qualifications A Filipino citizen. Preferably with Advance/Higher Education degree in administration, business and operations management, finance, legal, or related fields. A progressive career/experience in administration, business and operations management, finance, legal, or related fields‎ at the policy and organizational level. Working knowledge of agriculture and related fields (e.g., forestry, fisheries,…
Regular position Office of the Deputy Director - Administration (ODD-A)

Directs and oversees all activities related to the objectives of the Center's Knowledge Management as planned; Initiates, plans, develops, markets, and evaluates projects related to nonformal capacity development and knowledge management program; Implements and manages Knowledge Management-related projects; Oversees the activities of the Knowledge Resource Unit, Training, and Knowledge and Information Centers.

Regular position Knowledge Management Department (KMD)

Direct and supervises all activities and functions of the General Services Unit, including but not limited to real estate and other property, materials and supplies, procurement and logistics, transportation and travel, mailroom and printing services, housekeeping, maintenance, and security.

Regular position General Services Unit (GSU)

Directs and oversees all activities related to the development of SEARCA flagship projects with cross-cutting concerns of the core programs; Sources, initiates, develops and markets, projects related to SEARCA's Core Programs and projects requiring SEARCA's professional technical services (PTS).

Regular position Project Development and Technical Services (PDTS)

Provide comprehensive administrative, technical, and logistical support to SEARCA Director and coordinate and monitor administrative activities related to the function of the Director’s office.


  1. Gather information/data and review documents and requests submitted to the Director for action. 
  2. Assist and coordinate in preparing presentations and background materials and briefing notes for the Director’s meetings and reports. 
  3. Prepare correspondences for the Director.
  4. Provide accurate information to the Director concerning center-wide activities, relevant media announcements, and important visitors of the Center. 
  5. Manage the operational budget of the Office of the Director.
Regular position Office of the Director (OD)

Direct and oversee all activities related to treasury operations and cash services; handles/manages the Center's financial resources (e.g., monitors fund movements, long-term and short-term investment, and recommends investment options) and cash management; ensure optional utilization of funds for increased value and earnings at a minimal risk including safekeeping, and to provide liquidity for the operating expenses of the Center.

Regular position Treasury Services Unit (TSU)

Identity, conceptualize, and develop project proposals/bids including all necessary support activities and tasks to concretize and materialize the project; when required, provide technical assistance in the monitoring and/or implementation of the project including dissemination of results. 

Regular position Project Development and Technical Services (PDTS)

Administer the maintenance, construction, and repair of utility systems and facilities infrastructures of the Center which include office buildings, residence hotels, and housing units, including the supervision of staff/skilled/technical workers assigned to implement these repair and maintenance activities.

Regular position General Services Unit (GSU)

Responsible for ensuring the smooth operations, budget monitoring, marketing, and maintenance of SEARCA's housing units and facilities.

Regular position Facilities Management Unit (FMU)

Provides administrative and technical assistance to the activities of the Graduate Education and Institutional Development Department (GEIDD) particularly in the monitoring of funds including fund release, budget expenses and realignments, preparation of terminal reports and other necessary reports, designing and implementing promotional materials, and preparation and conduct of workshops and meetings.

Contracted position Graduate Education and Institutional Development Department (GEIDD)

Handles front desk operations, oversees housekeeping and food service operations, monitors daily repairs and preventive maintenance of all facilities and equipment of SEARCA Residence Hotel and /or Guest House.

Contracted position Facilities Management Unit (FMU)